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Recap: 2nd Wine Discovery Class - Wine Maker Influence

In posting a recap of last night's Wine Discovery Class, I want to take a minute to offer thoughts, prayers, and condolences to those who have been negatively affected by Hurricane Sandy, or are still battling the effects of the storm.

Here in the Burlington, VT area, we were very fortunate to have experienced very little or none of the devestation that was inflicted upon other parts of the Eastern Seaboard. Again, our thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to those affected.

However, in the absence of severe weather last night, we were able to host our second Wine Discovery Class at Levity. Last night's class focused on the influence of the winemaking process, and how decisions made in the winery are manifested in the tastes that consumers enjoy in wine. In sampling through a tasting line-up of:

class participants learned and experienced how winemaking choices such as the use of oak, the use of malolactic fermentation, and blending can influence the style and taste of the wines they enjoy.

Next week's class will focus on the concept of terroir, or the philosophy that certain wines have a "sense of place" that is influenced by the climate and geography in which grapes are grown. Hope to see you there!

The remaining class schedule is as follows:

(Please note that our classes on Italy and France have been switched. The class on Italy will now take place on 11/19, and the class on France will take place on 11/12.) 

  • Week 3, 11/5/12, "Introduction to Terroir" - What is terroir? We'll discuss.
  • Week 4, 11/12/12, "France" - Introduction to the wines of France
  • Week 5, 11/19/12, "Italy" - Introduction to the wines of Italy
  • Week 6, 11/26/12, "Champagne and Final Class Celebration" - Champagne and class review

Hope to see you at one of these upcoming classes! Go to http://www.levityvt.com/event/wine-discovery-class, to sign up!

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