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Welcome to TruthInJuice.com, a resource for myth-free wine education and commentary, with the goal of making wine more accessible for everyone.

In Vino Veritas. In wine, [there is the] truth. Pliny the Elder may have been on to something when he wrote those words centuries ago, for wine certainly has the curious property of being able to add a certain bit of lucidity to any situation. However, far beyond its intoxicating effects, wine is unique in that so many different disciplines are encompassed in its enjoyment. Wine is entwined with history, geography, epicurean delights, agriculture, and the local culture of nearly every region in which it is made.

This site will offer wine education and commentary with the aim of enhancing wine appreciation. It will also examine current trends in the world of wine through interaction with readers. While many trends in wine consumption are the product of the media, the wine trade, and peer influence, we must remember that above all else, a wine’s primary purpose is to provide enjoyment. Whether that enjoyment stems from the taste of the wine, the experience of sharing it with friends, or philosophical reflections on the history and geography of the wine’s place of origin, we ultimately drink wine because we enjoy it.

If we become more educated consumers, and remove the myths surrounding wine consumption, that joy and pleasure will be further heightened.


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