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About the Author: Peter Kenseth


I became enamored with wine during my sophmore year at Dartmouth College, and it has been an integral component of my life ever since. As a history major, I found myself drawn to reading all sorts of wine-related material, and familiarized myself with global wine regions, grape varietals, benchmark wine producers, wine history, oenology, and viticulture.

I worked part time at a wine shop during college, and in my senior year, began offering wine education classes to my friends. Although I currently work as a sales and marketing consultant, wine has remained a vibrant passion in my life. I have continued to offer wine education classes since graduating from Dartmouth in 2007, and I worked in the wine trade in Boston for a year and a half (2008-2009), while in between consulting engagements.

Although I no longer make my living in the wine trade, I make every effort to stay abreast of trends in the industry. I thoroughly enjoy reading wine articles, and engaging in conversations with wine merchants, wine distributors, and wine connoisseurs. Educating my friends about wine, and encouraging an appreciation for wine are some of my other favorite wine related activities.

Through this site, I hope to be able to offer wine education to a broader audience, and engage with that audience in a discussion about trends in the wine industry. By examining the respective histories, and using a number of interactive tools, such as surveys, tasting panels, etc., I would like to examine the common perceptions and myths that surround certain grape varietals, wine regions, and styles of wine, and determine the degree of validity found in each. However, this will not be possible without audience feedback, so please, share your comments, and encourage your friends to do the same. 

Of course, if wine was the singular focus of my life, I am quite certain that I would not enjoy it nearly as much as I do now. (I am also quite certain that I would be in no position to work on this website). My other interests include skiing, baseball, most sports and outdoor activities, playing the guitar, live music, and cooking. I find that wine is a great enhancer - a simple pleasure that can offer a "pick me up" on bland days, and make the finer moments in life seem extraordinary.

So, in closing, explore and enjoy. With so many different types of wine out there, life is too short to focus on one. I look forward to sharing an explorative journey of the world of wine in the days and weeks to come.



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